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D.D., Orlando, FL

" A lawyer that delivers results and capable of finding balance for her customers. "

"Tiffany is the definition of confidence"

 "When I had to find a lawyer, I called around 8 lawyers before contacting Tiffany. All lawyers told me the same thing, “there’s not much I can do about this”. However, when I called Tiffany and I explained my situation over the phone, she gave me hope that this would go away. She immediately told me all the ways we could try to tackle this issue, she gave me the best case scenario and worst case. She assured me she would do everything possible to have my case dropped. She was very confident and never gave me issues. She listened to me, and ultimately got my case dropped exactly as she had told me the first time I spoke to her. Tiffany was very cautious and responsible with my case and checked in with me for any new developments in my case. I would absolutely recommend Tiffany to anyone seeking legal help. She is confident and will definitely show results. In the event of any future legal issues, I will definitely go to her. "

Eric, Orlando, FL

" Tiffany was very straight-forward, and very warm and friendly. What I liked most about her is how candid she was about explaining the law. She explained things in a simple manner that someone unfamiliar with the law could easily understand. And it was a complicated situation at that, but she brought it down to brass tax, and helped me to understand my options, as well as mentioned things that I didn't even *know* were options. I couldn't have asked for more. She made me feel confident in pursuing my goals. Thanks so much Tiffany! "

B.T., Orange County, FL

"Ms Colbert is by far the best lawyer I have ever had. I definitely recommend her as a great lawyer, and if I ever need again, will definitely go with her all the way!"

R. Parikh, Orlando, FL

"As a former prosecutor who has gone up against Attorney Colbert, I can say that she is a zealous, knowledgeable and down to earth defense attorney who understands the big picture of the criminal justice system. I endorse her for your criminal law needs. "

J.P., Lake County, FL

" Tiffany and her team are very helpful professionals and friendly helping me in my time if need. If you are in need of a caring and wonderful legal team Colbert Law would be a definite choice 5 stars for sure! "



Attorney Colbert is currently rated by AVVO as 10.0 or "Superb."

Martindale-Hubbell Preeminent Rating

Attorney Colbert is currently ranked as the highest ranking available through  Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings, the gold standard in attorney ratings, recognize lawyersrated by their peers for their strong legal ability and high ethical standards.